Birthday Wishes for Son Greetings and Messages

Today is the best day for you, because your son birthday is today. You should thank God that for given you a beautiful child of your prayer. Whether your son is adorable pretten, rebellious teenager or young adult trying to carve out his own path. Give a beautiful birthday wishes to your son on his best memorable day for more happiness. Birthday greetings and cards are also included here by us at Birthday Messages, Birthday Special For Son. Choose one of these great birthday cakes and wishes line and share his facebook, google plus timeline. Birthday is a great day of everyone’s life. Your son’s birthday will be incomplete for him until he gets the blessings of his parents. She will be looking forward to your heart. 

Birthday Wishes for Son


1. Whenever life gives you a hard time, come give us a hug. No matter what you don or how old you become, for us you’ll always be our little son. Happy Birthday My Cute Son!

2. Sending Birthday Wishes filled with love, peace & joy. Wishing sweetest things happen before your eyes. wish you have a Birthday my dear Son.

3. Dear Son, My wish for you is that you will never give up and that your inner strength will help you when you feel you’re at the end of your rope. Have a Nice Birthday.

4. We are proud to see you grow up the way to have. We beam with joy and pride. When someone asks us about you. Thanks for making us proud parents. A beautiful birthday ahead.

5. Dear son our blessings and support are always with you. May God bless you with all you desire in life. Happy Birthday, My Son & Enjoy Your Special Day.

6. May your Birthday, bring loads of joyful and sweet memories in your life. May you have a great and successful year ahead. Happy Birthday Dear Son!


7. There have been many times when you scared us silly. we may have yelled at you but we love yo and want now harm to come to you. You have a place our heart for life. Happy Birthday My Son.

8. We’re so lucky to have such a great son like you. Happy birthday, dear son!

9. My dear son, if you ever encounter any problems, you come to us, we do not want to see any tears in your eyes. happy Birthday to you.

10. We were happy man to have a beautiful Son I like you. My life has been blessed through you born but you were a sweet gift from god.

11. It is special to have a Son who can you love because it is the awesome feeling in the world when your Son loves you back endless. A beautiful person is always has a beautiful life. Have a memorable day!

12. Many more years ago on this very special day, you come into our life and bring us happiness, love, and fun. Have a gorgeous Son!


13. It is great to have a son who you can love. But it is the best feeling in the world when your son loves you back endlessly. Happy Birthday to one such son.

14. Dear son Thank you for a smile on our face, we hope you will keep it same as. Your birthday will bring lots of happiness in your life. happy Birthday to you.

15. On your Birthday party celebrations, I would like to share the childhood memories with my family members and friends. My special wish for you is to have a good health, successful career, and happiness in our life.

16. Dear Son! Before you were born we could never imagine our parents. now we can never imagine living our lives without being parents to a Son as adorable as you.

17. There are many problems in life but their redress is also easy. We are with you for every problem of your… Happy Birthday to Dear Son!!

18. We bless you wholeheartedly and hope that you will fulfill all your dreams and will continue to lead in success. Have a wonderful birthday ahead.


19. My dear sister is a treasure of precious memories. You made my childhood so happy.. so I want to tell you thanks from the heart. Happy Birthday Sis!

20. A Son like you is a true blessing, a gift, wonderful addition to a happy life you have made mine as happy as it could possibly be. Wishing You My Son a Very Happy Birthday.

21. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be a little boy our greatest pride and joy. Happy Birthday to the Best Son in the Whole World.

22. My life has been blessed through you born but you were a sweet gift from god. Your Birthday is the best day for all the lives you touch.

23. Your life is a blessing to our family, your friends and many more people. Have a special Birthday!

24. This Birthday celebration is brought to you fathers are perfect genes, mothers are patience raising up and sister’s bright ideas.


25. I always thought that I would be a role model for my son. Though as you got older, little did I know that you would become a role model for me. Happy Birthday son, I am proud of the man that you have become.

26. Only a few parents are privileged to be blessed with a gifted son like U. Thanks for giving us happy times and unforgettable memories that we will cherish for the lifetime. Happy Birthday!!

27. The most precious memories and the happiest moments of our lives revolve around the smiles and laughs of our son. Wishing You Success & Happiness Always Happy Birthday Son.

28. Keep burning like a lamp and earn a lot of name, this birthday will bring you many good luck. Very Happy Sweet Birthday.

29. We pray to God that give you good spirituality and good motivation, so that you get four moons in your life.  Wish you a very happy birthday..

30. The most precious memories and the funniest moments of my life around the smiles and laughs of just one person. Wish U a very happy birthday ahead!


31. Every father secretly wishes that his son grows taller, and wiser that him congratulations at least you’ve grown taller. Happy Birthday Son!

32. Every smile you give to us is a blessing you receive every day. We wish the same for you for the rest of your life, especially today. Happy Birthday, Son.

33. wish you Happy birthday my Son! Today is the big day of the person who has made me feel so blessed and lucky to have him as my child.

34. Hey dear son, diligence is the key to success, the hard work and diligence that you do, your work will be as sweet. This is a special gift for you on birthday from our side accept it.

35. No matter how much we dare or angry over you, but my dear son, you are the ocean of love for us. Happy Birthday son.

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